Foresight For Development

About Foresight For Development

The Foresight for Development (FFD) initiative is being piloted in Africa by the Southern Africa Node of the Millennium Project with support from the Rockerfeller Foundation.


To promote the effective use of foresight towards a bright future for Africa.

Mission Statement

To create an online platform that will aggregate, enhance, and promote futures thinking and practice in Africa

FFD has the following objectives:

  • To consolidate a repository of key regional foresight content from futures practice, activities and sources
  • To assemble a regional community of futurists and foresight Practitioners
  • To share foresight case studies, methodologies, tools, news, calendars, etc.
  • To feature African foresight initiatives and practitioners and
  • To provide a gateway to relevant Foresight products and resources.

FFD Guiding Principles

  •     Enhance and Facilitate Foresight in Africa
  •     Focus on the developing world as far as foresight is concerned
  •     Promote Innovation through Foresight in Africa
  •     Balance between foresight Theory and Practice in and for Africa
  •     Credible
  •     “FOR - GOOD”. FFD will not require subscription fee from its users

FFD aspires to effectively aggregate content, helping users not only to find relevant content, but also to efficiently select and manage their interaction with the range of online foresight content they may wish to access regularly.

FFD is envisaged as a public?benefit venture, and suitable sustainability models are to be investigated during the pilot phase.

Contact us if you are interested in participation in or information about the FFD initiative.

How can I help make this happen?

  • Send us suggestions/ideas/recommendations to help us serve your African foresight needs.
  • Let us know about your current Africa based Foresight project. (We would like to discuss the possibility of show casting your projects on our website).

If you are a Foresight Practitioner and would like to be profiled on FFD, fill in our online questionnaire and we will contact you.

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