2015-16 State of the Future

2015-16 State of the Future

Jerome C. Glenn, Elizabeth Florescu and The Millennium Project Team

The 2015-16 State of the Future is a compelling overview of humanity's present situation, challenges and opportunities, potentials for the future, and actions and policies that could improve humanity's outlook - in clear, precise, and readable text with unparalleled breadth and depth. "It is time for intolerance of irrelevant speeches and non-actions by leaders. The stakes are too high to tolerate business as usual", warns the Executive Summary of the report.

This is the 18th and best edition of the State of the Future produced by The Millennium Project with its 56 Nodes around the world and two regional networks (Europe and Latin America).

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Foresight For Development Roundtable





Foresight For Development Roundtable

Monday 23 March 2015
The Capital, 20 West Street, Morningside, Johannesburg, South Africa

To present and review ForesightForDevelopment.org (FFD) partnership project papers
To discuss key issues regarding foresight and Africa’s future based on issues & trends
To conceptualise and plan towards a Special Issue of foresight journal
To engage in strategic planning for SA Node’s regional focus and FFD expansion

FFD Programme
FFD RoundTable Participants Biographies
FFD Papers Abstracts
FFD RoundTable Feedback: View video interviews & download the report

Dr Ozcan Saritas Talk at Wits

Dr Ozcan Saritas, a global energy expert from Manchester University, will give a talk at Wits University on 24th March 2015.

The title of the talk is: “The Geopolitics of Energy Futures: Implications and Lessons for Africa”.

Tuesday 24th March 2015 from 12:30 PM to 14:00 PM at the Wits Business School, Johannesburg.

Dr Ozcan Saritas will address global governance challenges, and key energy stakeholders with a special focus on Russia. He will also draw lessons for Africa and make particular links with South Africa where a “controversial” nuclear deal is on the way with Russia.


The Millennium Project's Future Day Live Q&A

You are invited to a global conversation on the Future! March 1st is Future Day.

You are invited to a global conversation on the Future! March 1st is Future Day. Have all your questions answered about the 15 Global Challenges, The Millennium Project's Global Futures Intelligence System (GFIS), and futures research.

Join us for The Millennium Project's Future Day Live Q&A on March 1st on GFIS at https://TheMP.org/#section=questions.

For further information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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