All Africa Futures Forum Speakers

Ms. Patricia McFadden

Speaker-McFaddenRadical African Woman

I have worked as a Radical African Woman for the past 40 years – beginning my writing career by publishing a journalistic piece in the ‘Times of Swaziland’ on the dire conditions of Swazi working women in the fields and factories of a pineapple company called ‘Libby’s’.  That was my stepping stone into the world of radical theorising, activism and living my feminist politics as a life-style of choice.

Forty years later – at the age of 62 – I have travelled as widely as I could, taught in several universities on three continents – mainly on the African continent – and published in various feminist and political economy journals; facilitating for the publication of the work of young African intellectuals in the Southern African Feminist Review ( SAFERE – a SAPES Trust Journal that ran for ten years), as well as providing various feminist websites with articles and commentaries on the challenges of being female, black, radical and strong anywhere in the world where patriarchy holds hegemonic sway.

My work is readily available on feminist sites and in anthologies and magazines, and my skills as a teacher, mentor, activist and organic farmer (as a vegan I am growing most of my own food on the mountain in Swaziland), are gifts I readily bestow to young people who choose the radical political path to freedom and an alternative life of dignity and wellness. The future is now, and the young have to embrace it, particularly in the conceptualisation and living of alternative life-styles that respect and protect the dignity and integrity of all human bodies and the earth as our source of life.

My most recent research interests revolve around the challenges facing radical feminist and political economy scholars and activists in relation to the imperatives of becoming post-the-colonial, specifically in terms of becoming contemporary citizens of our respective African societies in the fullest sense – in political, socio-economic, legal, sexual and personal senses, as we seek to transform the capitalist neo-colonial state in Africa. Issues of Feudal Patriarchy and its persistence as militarism and authoritarianism, especially in Southern Africa, is of most immediate interest in my writing against sexual violation and the ubiquity of patriarchal impunity of all forms in the lives of female humans and working communities across the continent.

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