Breaking the Mould

Breaking the Mould: The Role of Scenarios in Shaping South Africa's Future
The story of South Africa’s transition in 1994 to a non-racial democracy has been told many times, principally from the perspective of the political forces for change. But many other factors were at work, over many years, which influenced not only the political outcome but also the economic philosophy of the new ANC government.

15 Global Challenges

The SA Node intends to find ways to explore regional perspectives on the 15 Global Challenges for Humanity which have been developed through the Millennium Project.

The Global Millennium Prize Project

An annual international schools' contest created to stimulate futures prospective awareness among youth and teachers around the world to imagine new alternativesfor addressing the 15 Global Challenges outlined by the Millennium Project; and hence, help achieve the 8 UN Millennium Development Goals

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