Foresight For Development

The Foresight for Development (FFD) initiative is being piloted in Africa by the Southern Africa Node of the Millennium Project with support from the Rockerfeller Foundation.

South Africa State of the Future Index (SA-SOFI 2017) complements Presidency’s Development Indicators 2008

South Africa’s likely future is more or less levelling out, following a period of rapid development across a range of indicators, much of which might be considered to be the concentrated gains of a period of democratisation, reconstruction and development in post-apartheid South Africa.

International Futures Conference

Futures Intelligence Capacity – making the future relevant today

Tuesday 6 – Thursday 8 November 2007
Stellenbosch University
Stellenbosch, South Africa

Futures Research Methodology

Futures Research Methodology  v3 CDFutures Research Methodology Version 3.0 is a handbook with the largest, most comprehensive collection of internationally peer-reviewed methods and tools to explore future possibilities ever assembled in one resource.

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