Participating in the Node

Futures research has grown tremendously in recent years as an area of research competence and strategic importance in various aspects of development. On a national scale, participating in the initiative gives Southern Africa an opportunity to participate and promote the Region’s participation in a network that is dealing with the currency of the future and undertaking ongoing environmental scans to enhance its intelligence about the future. Participation in the Millennium Project will give Southern Africa, and Africa by extension, access to (as well as opportunities to contribute to) a range of tools and methods for futures research in addition to providing linkage to some of the world’s leading futurists within the network. This is an important contribution to strengthening our futures capabilities which is increasingly acknowledged as being important.

As an individual, if you have a serious interest and/or involvement in futures research then you are what makes this Node a Node. The Node is a group of individuals and institutions that connect global and local views, and is more of an intersection of networks rather than a particular institution of its own. In fact, the Millennium Project has been described as a “trans-institution”.

Millennium Project Nodes typically:

  • Identify leading minds to participate in the Project
  • Distribute Delphi questionnaires on various topical issues (2-5 per year)
  • Conduct Interviews (one set per year)
  • Initiate special research
  • Design and conduct:

- Workshops
- Symposiums
- Advanced Training

The SA Node is embarking upon such activity, and you could be a part of it.

The scope of the Southern Africa Node is national, but also regional in that it is the intention of the initiative to broaden participation in the Millennium Project into the Africa Region. Currently, there are also other Nodes in Egypt and Kenya with whom the SA Node also has linkages and collaborates with.

To participate in the Node means that you would immediately be added to our mailing list and Listserv which includes other interested parties and stakeholders, and would be able to participate in activities and discussions of the Node. You would also be updated on any Node events or issues.

At this formative stage, there is no cost for participating in the SA Node and none is currently specifically envisaged.

Please email us to be included in the SA Node mailing list.

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