2006 State of the Future Report launced

August 2006

"…The capabilities of civilization to build a better future are rich but terribly inefficient. Improving efficiency requires seeing the status of the whole and its parts as objectively as possible... Yet it is a fact that the world is becoming more peaceful, prosperous, and healthy." This and much much more in the 2006 State of the Future Report which was just released. For more information, see the Press release, Executive Summary, and Website. Copies of the much anticipated report will be available from the SA Node.

Funding provided for SA Scenario Study

June 2006

The SA Node is pleased to announce generous funding support that has been provided by the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund towards the project “South African Scenarios Study: Two Decades of Learning”. Public scenarios can be put to good use to solve public problems, as has indeed happened in South Africa. Through this project, the South African experience can be researched, documented and shared with the global futures community and policy makers. Updates on the project will be posted under the PROJECTS pages.

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