SA Node holds Annual General Meeting, March 2012

March 2012

The SA Node of the Millennium Project held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 22 March 2012 at the Institute for Economic Research on Innovation (IERI). The audited financial statements of the Node were submitted for scrutiny and discussion and were approved without changes by the Directors and Members.

Western Cape Launch of the 2011 State of the Future Report

November 2011

The Western Cape launch of the 2011 State of the Future Report was held on the 8th of November 2011. The event was held in the Ray Alexander Boardroom at the Civic Centre, Cape Town. Co-hosted by the City of Cape Town and the SA Node of the Millennium Project, the event included presentations by Tanya Hichert (SA Node Director & Senior Researcher at IFR), Mr Boraine & Ms. Firfirey (Economic Development Partnership), Ms. Palmer (City of Cape Town) and Ms. Goldstuck (City of Cape Town).

Latin America 2010 – 2030 Scenarios: International Delphi Surve

You are kindly invited to take part in an International Delphi Survey designed to create scenarios for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2030. About a year ago, a large-scale study was conducted to identify developments that could affect the region (you can see the results and answers here: Over 550 people from 60 countries participated in this international study. Now, based on that work, four distinct scenarios are being created in a unique study that allows external participants

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