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Ms. Nadia EL-Imam


CEO, Edgeryders

Nominated for the Swedish Parliament in 2014 and named Minister of Labour in a “dream government of New Thinkers” imagined for Sweden by the leading financial newspaper in Scandinavia and currently prototyping a groundbreaking new methodology for UNDP, Nadia EL-Imam is clearly on to something. 

Ms EL-Imam is the founding director and CEO of Edgeryders, a social enterprise and distributed think tank of citizen experts that combines the intense focus and rigor of consultancy with the scale, openness, and democratic legitimacy of citizen consultation. Edgeryders deploys community building tools and cutting-edge research techniques to detect, aggregate, and analyze citizen-spotted solutions to key economic, social-ecological, and political challenges that societies are faced with.

Nadia EL-Imam has co-authored a number of books and policy publications, held keynotes at national conferences on growth and economic development, and had international high-profile speaking engagements, such as at Learning without Frontiers. She has a background in engineering and user experience design, and she puts it to use where it matters most, building bridges between large organizations at the center and innovators at the edge. A polyglot and global citizen with roots in Africa, Asia, and Europe, she has substantial experience in working with international organizations and diverse contexts.

Ms EL-Imam will show us how to find amazing innovators at the edge anywhere, even in a place where you have never been and the language of whose residents you cannot speak. Furthermore, she will argue that the people you find in this way are not known to local experts and policy makers and that they are the first to see change coming and in many cases are the changemakers themselves.

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