All Africa Futures Forum Speakers

Dr. Mama Keita

Economic Affairs Officer

Mama Keita has been with the Macroeconomic Policy Division of the UNECA as an Economic Affairs Officer since March 2011. She is located in the Renweal of planning section, working towards the provision of evidence-based advisory services to countries on development plans, strategies and frameworks. Her work also encompasses assessing the progress on MDGs in Africa and beside that, she has been extensively involved in the African consultative process on the post-2015 development agenda that has led to the formulation of the so-called Common African Position on the Post-2015 development agenda, which outlines Africa’s key priorities for the said agenda.

In this context, Ms. Keita was at some point seconded to Liberia to work with the HLP secretariat on the preparation of the Monrovia HLP meeting that was held in February 2013. Before joining the UNECA, Ms Keita worked on national strategies of poverty reduction and development in Guinea with the prime minister’s office and in Burkina Faso with the World bank; she also taught public economics and development economics in Canada, and carried out various assignment and research as a consultant in the area of development.

She is a native of Guinea, has a background in statistics and holds a Ph.D in economics from the University of Montreal, Canada.

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