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Dr. Bayo Akomolafe

Speaker-bayo-akomolafeClinical Psychologist

Adebayo Akomolafe (PhD) is a clinical psychologist, lecturer, speaker and author from Covenant University in Nigeria. Born September 18, 1983, he is an international figure, poet and activist for a radical paradigm shift in consciousness and current ways of living. His is an emerging voice in the world calling for a multi-dimensional shift in consciousness and systemic reification by turning to each other in small ways, and reconnecting with our ‘shamanic effusiveness and utter magnificence’. Having studied Yoruba traditional shamans and their local understandings of mental health, Bayo has emerged as a voice for the re-enchantment of indigenous ways of being in the world. His readings of 'knowledge', 'development', 'progress' and 'truth' as Euro-American metanarratives led him (and his wife, Ej) to develop the first International Workshop on Alternative Research Paradigms and Indigenous Knowledge Promotion (WARP, 2011). His writings and publications have taken him to multiple conferences and counter-cultural events around the world. He initiated a book project called 'We will tell our stories: Reimagining the Social Sciences in Africa' in 2011, and is currently publishing the book with Professors Molefi Asante (USA), Augustine Nwoye (South Africa) and Tsitsi Dangarembga (Zimbabwe), among other African intellectuals. 

Bayo is co-designer of Dreamscape, Kalengo (a reality television concept based on community), and the Dreamweavers' Network – a critical challenge to the academia’s elitist approach to knowledge production. He was appointed Visiting Scientist to Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (UK) in February 2012, and is also a member of the Global Cooperative Forum in Switzerland. 

Bayo recently gave the only keynote address at a Summit jointly organized by the European Union, DEEEP (Developing Europeans’ Engagement for the Eradication of Poverty), CIVICUS, CONCORD and GCAP (Global Call to Action Against Poverty), has spoken at multiple events, and given invited talks – always espousing a paradigmatic shift from the consciousness parameters that continue to reinforce today’s dominant ethos. His deeply personal and potent special talks have inspired 

organizations and communities in India, Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Turkey, New Zealand, South Africa, and Nigeria. 

Bayo currently teaches in Covenant University in the Department of Psychology. While he remains in the university system (a framework he believes is becoming obsolete), he is most excited to serve as Director of ‘The iFund’, an initiative endowed by the David Oyedepo Foundation and instituted to nurture innovation cultures in higher education contexts, challenge the roles of the student as passive recipient of instruction, design critical platforms for student expression, and fund student-generated ideas for social impact. 

Co-founders of a network called Koru and authors of a global tool for the rejuvenation of intimacy, the ‘Koru Circles’, Bayo and his ‘life-force’, Ej, are currently on an enchanted (and vulnerable) journey to reclaim their lives and intimacy with the earth, with others and with a larger palette of possibilities. He is writing his second book, ‘And We Shall Dance with the Mountains: Subversive Journeys at the Edges of a Planetary Future’ and a novel, ‘The Boy Who Stayed Outside’. Ej and Bayo are ecstatic parents of a girl, Alethea-Aanya – their mentor. 

Bayo writes copiously for numerous magazines such as Kosmos ( and SHIFT. One of his most celebrated essays is titled ‘The Times are Urgent; Let’s Slow Down’, which he wrote with Marta Benavides (Guatemala) as an open letter to civil society organizations and activists around the world. His most abiding interests are the idea of civilizational transitions, localization, the multidimensionality and paradox of 'reality' and consciousness, and radical planetary possibilities. His most fervent passions are Ej, drawing, singing, writing, designing, speaking, and travelling. 

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